What Is The Difference Between A Serviced Apartment And A Hotel?

What Is The Difference Between A Serviced Apartment And A Hotel?

Today, more and more business people and travellers are looking for better accommodation whenever they are away from home in order to have a comfortable stay while on business travels or holiday tours. As such, the industry has made available hotels and service apartments to accommodate these people. The word ‘hotel’ may sound common to most people, but the service apartment is still a vocabulary especially to people who don’t travel frequently or those who haven’t had a chance to get accommodation there.
To simplify this for you, a service apartment is a well furnished apartment and is available for short term or long term stays, and provides amenities for daily use. This may sound very similar to a hotel, doesn’t it? The differences are actually vast as described below:

Space and privacy

Traditionally, business people and other travellers are used to hotel rooms which consist of TV, a bed, telephone, coffee or tea facilities, a bathroom and biscuits if the hotel offers them. While these items are great for any traveller, a service apartment comes with more and that is why it is termed as a home a way from home.

If you are a business person who is continuously living out of suitcases staying in these hotel rooms, you will appreciate this luxury. Serviced apartments allow you take off your shoes, close the door, watch your favourite TV show in the lounge or cook your meals in the kitchen. A serviced apartment allows you for space and privacy in your own surrounding. And you can do exactly what you would want to do if you were at home.


There is no much difference when it comes to the price you are to pay for a serviced apartment or a hotel. But where does the price actually get you? One thing you should recall is that with a serviced apartment, you get to enjoy all your privacy and comfort for that price. And with a hotel, you get to pay for a hotel room with some amenities, including basic entertainment, but you cannot prepare your own meals.

The length of stay

Perhaps the major difference in prices comes when you consider the length of stay. If for instance you are to stay within a temporary location for a few months or nights, it will be clear to see how the price of a hotel’s stay may add up. Serviced apartments on the other hand, come with flexible price ranges, and they too will depend on the length of your stay, but are negotiable to fit budgets. And service apartments can even be better if you are to book as a group because you get to share costs as you enjoy the comfort of a home away from home. You have the ability to prepare your own meals and although this may sound small, it is a major cost benefit.

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