Situated in the Pilbara region of the Western part of Australia, the Karratha City is a historical region that came into existence in 1968 to house the workers and processing of an Iron mining company. The city derived its name from a cattle station and literally means “Soft Earth”. If you have already booked one of the fantastic holiday apartments in Western Australia and all set to explore this part of the world, here are a few things you can try free of charge.

Go fishing at the Pilbara

Mud crabs, oysters, mangrove jack, barramundi, blue bone or Spanish Mackarel. Which one do you want? Grab them all at the creeks outlinein
the sandy beaches along the coastline that boasts of a wide array of aquatic organisms. And you know what? Nobody will charge you any cost for fishing at this spot all day!

Explore the vintage Roebourne

Want to experience the rich history of Europe in ancient times? Visit this iconic part of the town which has plenty of historical buildings on the streets dated back to the majestic era. Also, you get to witness the incredible form of art and craft fabricated by the aboriginal artists. The nearby Mt. Welcome offers a striking view of the Harding River winding its way through the town, while the magnificence of the huge Harding dam resting between the Pilbara red rock regions is an ultimate treat for the eye.

Go swimming at the Hearson’s Cove

Located on the Burrup Peninsula, the Hearson’s cove is a popular swimming spot in Karratha. The red rocky hills surround this shell beach, which is ideal for a dip when the waters are up and warm for swimming. In low tide conditions, the mudflat widens and makes a great condition to witness the rising of the full moon causing reflection of mudflats that give an illusion of stairway to the moon. Absolutely breathtaking view! What’s more? You can drive yourself to the edge of the waters, open a bottle of wine and soak yourself in the nature.

Trek the Yaburara Trail

his is some piece of thrill and adventure that requires you to be fit and well equipped for walking down the trail. Because of the stony and swollen land, this trek can be a bit tricky in hot weather conditions. But it’s worth a try! You get to witness the spectacular view of the Karratha town at each and every tip of the summit. On your way, you’ll find different forms of rock art belonging to aboriginal people that depicts indigenous cultures that once existed in this region. The sign boards are provided at each step to help you out in planning your way.

Explore the rock sculpture of this region

This region is known to have hosted indigenous people who had immense interest in rock sculptures or more specifically the petroglyphs. There are so many that it is still being discovered on a frequent basis. You can find some masterpieces at the Murujuga national park on Burrup Peninsula. It’s actually difficult to spot these rock art at one glance, but once you discover them, you’ll automatically see many others appearing in front of your eyes.

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