Western, Australia happens to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. It therefore does not come as a surprise that it tops the travel bucket list for many people. The locals are friendly, the cuisines are delectable and most importantly, there is a lot to see. But like anyone who’s been to Western Australia will tell you, finding quality long term accommodation in Perth can be a challenge. It gets worse where one is travelling with his or her pet. That is simply because most holiday apartments in Western Australia have strict pet policies.

But that does not mean in any way that you cannot travel to Western Australia with your pet. There are several lodgings that are pet friendly. Your best bet is to first know one or two things in regard to what they expect from their prospective clients traveling with their pets.


Expect some paperwork. This should not bother you much mainly because the paperwork often involves what most apartment owners refer to as holiday rental contracts. The contract is to bind you into an obligation to leave the premise as you found it. That is, take good care of your pet to ensure that it does not damage the property. Note that the contract in some cases may require you to sign several papers. This should not intimidate you. The core factor is essentially the same thing – leave the apartment in the state you have found it.

Note too that different apartments have different rules. Some will allow you to have your dog in the bedroom while others won’t. It mostly depends on the pet. Smaller dog breeds like Chihuahuas or cats are usually easily accepted but if you are bringing along a Golden Retriever, it can be tough to get the establishment to accept it. You may have to also consider the number of pets that you bring along. Most holiday apartments in Western Australia hardly allow more than two dogs.


There really is no place on earth you can travel with a pet without producing vaccine documents, especially if you are travelling across countries. With that in mind, have your pets vaccinated before traveling with them to Australia. Keep the vaccine documents safely because you will certainly have to produce them before your can be granted access to your holiday apartment. You may also have to ascertain that your pet is parasite free. This could be as simple as providing documents that your pets have been dewormed or have been vaccinated against rabies.

Pet accessories

It is unlikely that your holiday apartment will provide you with pet accessories and you mostly will have to get your own for your pet. If you have a lot of pet accessories that you want to bring along, this can constitute a logistical problem. Most people staying for a longer period in Australia but want to bring their pets along will usually get new pet accessories from the local pet store instead of bringing the old accessories from home.

All in all, if you are highly attached to your pet and cannot do without your pet for your long term stay in WA, it will be in your best interest to do all the research early so that you will not encounter problems when you travel to WA for your stay.

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