Located on the eastern tip of the Dampier Archipelago of Western Australia, you can find the historic Point Samson. This is a wonderful spot for a perfect weekend getaway and to soak up the serene beauty of one of West Pilbara Coast’s unique parts. The town was named in honour of Michael Samson, who was a member of an esteemed Western Australian family.

Point Samson also boasts stellar accommodation options, including Karratha apartments, that are strategically located in close proximity to protected sandy beaches as well as excellent snorkelling and fishing spots. When you are visiting Point Samson, be sure to explore the following must-visit attractions:

Honeymoon Cove


For starters, you can head down to Honeymoon Cove, which offers sandy beaches that feature beautiful coral as well. Honeymoon Cove is one of the four pocket beaches (number 1835 to 1838) that can be found here. These beaches occupy a 700-meter long section of rocky shore. With regards to Honeymoon Cove, it is a moderately steep 100-meter long pocket of sand that is located approximately 500-meter south of the jetty and is bordered by rugged meta-sedimentary rocks that are at least 20 meters high and are formed very interestingly. What’s more, the beach faces north and this area is free of rocks so it is a popular swimming area during high and low tide.

Point Samson Peninsula

Apart from beaches, Point Samson Peninsula also offers the beautiful sights of restored heritage buildings, coral gardens and other opportunities for recreational activities such as deep water fishing. For starters, you can consider going for a relaxing stroll along Settlers Beach to check out the panoramic views of Cape Lambert, Point Samson, Wickham and Roebourne from the convenient lookout points.

If you want to enjoy a succulent meal, simply head down to the peaceful seaside town of Point Samson as this location is well-known for its fish and chips and other delicious seafood fare. If you are really a fan of strolls, the best times again to do it is either at sunrise or sunset. As mentioned, many areas in and around Point Samson Peninsula are ideal for fishing; a haven for shore based anglers as the tidal rivers of this Western Australian peninsula contains a variety of mud crabs, prawns and fish.

Emma Withnell Heritage Trail

Point Samson has a rich history that needs to be discovered in person by any visitor. One of the best places to begin your exploration is the Emma Withnell Heritage Trail. The heritage trail is widely recognized as a self driving route that is at least 52 kilometres long and was named after the first European woman settler in the North West. The trail retraces both the development and settlement of the Roebourne district.

The trip to the start of the trail in Roebourne is definitely worth it as you will be travelling to multiples destinations: Cossack being the first; Point Samson is up next; and finally Wickham, which is an iron ore mining town that was gazetted in the early 1970s. Along the way, you will get to see a unique variety of historical buildings and sites. If you are up for it, there are plenty opportunities for walking and pick-nicking, to ensure a pleasant half day outing. If you want to check whether you are on the right track, simply look out for signs that bear the Heritage Trails Network symbol.

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