Why You Should Consider Staying In A Serviced Apartment Rather Than A Hotel

For decades, serviced apartments have always been the preferred accommodation for business executives who are constantly travelling, and understandably so. While it only makes sense to pay for a hotel room for shorter stays, there are so many benefits that come with serviced apartments that it’s impossible to pass up on.


Regardless of what hotel you check into and how top of the art their amenities are, you will never have the sort of privacy offered by serviced apartments. If you would rather have complete privacy, there are serviced apartments that do not come with in-house staff. This however doesn’t mean that you won’t have a maid. All laundry and any necessary cleaning are done for you whenever you need it.


While we all crave the occasional room service spoiler, nothing tastes as good as homemade meal. And after a few days in a hotel room, you will certainly tire of room service.  If your stay is as long as a week or months, ordering room service or eating out every day might prove costly. Thankfully, serviced apartments come with fully equipped kitchens, giving you the opportunity to cook your meals when you want to.


This is perhaps the most obvious advantage of serviced apartments because you get more space than hotel rooms can offer. The average serviced apartment has 30% more space than the average hotel room. And while the rates of both may be the same, apartments have separate rooms for doing everything including eating, cooking and sleeping. This is unlike hotel rooms where guests have to eat on the bed, thereby the occasional spill of soup on the duvet. There’s also enough room in serviced apartments to hold meetings, and a sitting area where you could get together with family.


There are many more facilities, other than kitchen facilities discussed, that serviced apartments offer and these help make your stay even more comfortable. Most serviced apartments come with   with washing machine and a dryer. These are especially a welcome idea if you are staying for long, say weeks or months. Those that don’t have in-house washing machines and driers have laundry service or on-site community laundry services. Moving on, a majority of apartments also offer free Wi-Fi and rental office furniture and equipment such as printers and scanners.


Given all the benefits of serviced apartments, does it mean that one has to pay more than a hotel room? Well, no. On the contrary, apartments may just save you money. While the cost of a one bedroom apartment may be the same as that of a hotel room, the cost of the apartment is highly dependent on how long the stay is. For hotel rooms, whether one stays for a night or a month, the cost of staying in the room each night is fixed. The longer the stay, the lower the rate for staying in a serviced apartment.

If you want to save money and stay in an accommodation that feels just like home, why not opt for serviced apartments rather than hotel rooms?

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